Deaths from terrorism fell for a fourth consecutive year, down 75 per cent, according to the 2020 Global Peace Index (GPI).

The report says preliminary estimates from 2019 indicate that deaths from terrorism have now dropped to less than 8,000, following a peak of 33,555 deaths in 2015.
















A military defeat of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant in Syria, as well as Iraq, has largely driven the fall in deaths from terrorism, with military interventions against Boko Haram in Nigeria also contributing to the reduction.

Despite the positive news, terrorism continues to spread around the world. In the 2008 GPI, 48 countries had not experienced any terrorism in the preceding five years. By the 2020 GPI, that number had dropped to 30.







This infographic also shows an improvement in the GPI’s homicide rate indicator, which had the largest improvement of any indicator in the Safety and Security domain over the past decade.

Despite the improvements in homicide, terrorism, and other indicators of Safety and Security over the past five years, the number of refugees and IDPs has continued to climb, and has risen almost every year since 2008. There are now over 22 million refugees from conflict situations around the world, with many millions of additional people currently seeking asylum or in refugee-like situations. This represents a 116 per cent increase since 2008.









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