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Rising Right Wing Violence Impacts Western Countries in 2021

The deepening threat from right-wing terrorism is becoming evident, writes Annelies Pauwels.

How have terrorist organisations responded to COVID-19?

Miles Comerford from the Institute for Strategic Dialogue takes a close look into the behaviour of...

Iraq’s Security Sector Faces Serious Challenges after Saddam

After Saddam Hussein was toppled, the social structures that held Iraq together were also...

Analysis of Terrorist Threats and Cyber Terrorism in 2019

From computerised transport systems and energy grids, our modern-day infrastructure and industries...

Join a Global Peace Movement: How to Promote Positive Peace

Join a movement that’s shifting the paradigm on the way the world thinks about peace.

The Urban Farming Culture in Atlanta Discovers Many Benefits

IEP’s Positive Peace Framework is versatile and can be applied to a variety of settings.

Jose Tenga Survived War in Sierra Leone, Became Peacebuilder

Surviving conflict in Sierra Leone inspired Jose to serve his community by becoming a peacebuilder.

2021 IEP Ambassador Program: Now Open for Applications

The programme provides opportunity for individuals to gain concrete knowledge and resources to help...