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Country close-up: The Philippines
January 12, 2021

Country close-up: The Philippines

We at look at the level of terrorism in the Philippines.

Chart of the week: Four deadliest terrorist groups in 2019

These terror groups were responsible for the most deaths in 2019.

Rising right-wing violence and its impact on the fight against terrorism

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ISIL is no longer the world’s deadliest terrorist group

One of the most read articles in 2020, this article provides insight into the demise of ISIL.

Chart of the week: Business finance gap by level of peace

A brief look into the benefits of peace from a business perspective.

RCEP: One Small Geo-Economic Step or a Giant Eastward Leap in Geostrategic Gravity?

The second largest trade agreement to focus on Asia has no US involvement, Alan McCormack analyses...

Five charts on economic prosperity, peace and business

The relationship between the economic performance of a country and levels of peace can provide...

Southeast Asia will take a major economic hit if shipping is blocked in the South China Sea

A recent study looked into the geopolitics of international trade to predict the economic cost of...