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ExplainerThe fall of the Sri Lankan economy. What happened?

Sri Lanka is currently in the midst of its worst economic crisis in over 70 years. Here's a look into a series of event that led to the country's...

AnalysisThe melting Arctic and raising tensions among Arctic nations

The race for the Arctic has accelerated in recent years, with rising tensions and rising temperatures having the potential to further undermine...

AnalysisRussia China Relations – Fact Sheet

China and Russia are neighbours and share a long border. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, relations between the two countries have improved...

June 29, 2022

Analysing the five countries that showed largest improvements in peacefulness in 2022 Global Peace Index.

5 countries that recorded largest improvements in peace in 2022
How the War in Ukraine is Contributing to the Refugee Crisis

Conflict is a major trigger of displacement and the devastation of the Syrian civil war is indicative of that. Since the beginning of the Ukraine...

Information and Misinformation in the Russia Ukraine war

As the Russia Ukraine conflict rages on, one impact that is becoming increasingly apparent, is the changing role of information technology and the...

World’s 10 Most Peaceful Countries [2022]
Global Peace Index
June 20, 2022

World’s 10 Most Peaceful Countries [2022]

The 2022 Global Peace Index reveals the most peaceful countries in the world.

Fragility of global supply chains
June 15, 2022

Fragility of global supply chains

While the scenes of panic buying and toilet paper shortages witnessed at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic may feel like a long time ago, the events...

Trends in Terrorism [2022]
June 27, 2022

Trends in Terrorism [2022]

Global Terrorism Index

Morocco’s Counterterrorism Evolution

May 30, 2022


The Impact of the War in Ukraine

May 16, 2022

Global Terrorism Index

Sahel has become the new epicentre of terrorism

April 21, 2022

Global Terrorism Index

Disrupting terrorist groups : A systemic approach

April 4, 2022

Global Terrorism Index

Emerging Technologies and Terrorism

March 17, 2022

Global Terrorism Index

Five countries most impacted by terrorism in 2021

March 8, 2022