Ecological Threat Report 2022

127 countries are facing extreme ecological threats

Without concerted action, current levels of ecological degradation will worsen, intensifying existing conflicts, becoming a catalyst for new conflicts, and increasing forced migration.

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Analysing Ecological Threats, Resilience & Peace.

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Positive Peace‘One team, one country’ – the importance of timing

The 1995 World Cup final pitted South Africa against New Zealand in a stadium packed to capacity. Five minutes before the kick-off Mandela appeared...

Positive PeaceFootball as a tool for Peace: How Les Éléphants Inspired a Nation

In systems, timing is everything. There are moments where small actions can shift an entire system into a new state. These moments are called tipping...

DevelopmentHypersonic missiles: A new arms race?
November 17, 2022

Hypersonic missiles: A new arms race?

Escalating global tensions, competition and national pride is fuelling the pursuit of hypersonic missiles. Recent defence spending patterns appear to...


World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates

December 12 2022 | Summit

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