A brief history of peace

While the quest to define peace as a concept and set of values is as old as recorded history, the effort to provide a systemic definition of peace is a more recent development.

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Measuring peace in an increasingly complex world.

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Russia, Ukraine & the Eurasia Region
Behind the news
January 25, 2022

Russia, Ukraine & the Eurasia Region

As tensions between Russia and Ukraine continue to tighten, we take a look at both countries — and the region — through a lens of IEP’s...

Country focus: Poland 🇵🇱
Global Peace Index
January 14, 2022

Country focus: Poland 🇵🇱

With a low crime rate and falling levels of violent demonstrations, Poland rose an impressive nine places in the Global Peace Index 2021 and is now...

The economic impact of violence to the global economy comes with a hefty price tag.

$14.4 trillion, to be precise. The consequences of violence amount to considerable direct and indirect costs that erode economic development,...

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