Violent crime rising in the UK

The UK has become less peaceful in the last decade, driven by increases in violent and weapons crime.

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Knife Crime in England and Wales a growing concern

With nearly half of young people expressing concern about knife crime in their local area, it is  increasingly impacting safety and security in the...

Reflections from Rotary Positive Peace Activator Training

Dr. Elaine Pratley reflects on her experience at the Rotary Positive Peace Activator’s Oceania Cohort training, where she joined fellow activators...

Focus on Ukraine and Gaza leaves other conflicts at risk

Well-known conflicts are receiving the bulk of aid and attention, at the expense of less publicised crises, leaving them vulnerable to escalation.


Italian GPI 2024 launch event

26 June 2024 | Presentation


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The Rise of Endless Wars: Understanding Unresolved Conflicts

During the Cold War, conflicts often concluded with decisive military victories. But as the nature...

An analysis of contemporary Russo-Ukraine relations through Positive Peace and Halo

IEP and Harvard Undergraduate Foreign Policy Initiative (HUFPI) recently collaborated on an...

How drones have shaped the nature of conflict

Technology is increasingly being used in war, by traditional armies and also non-state actors. And...

Violence against police in Mexico
May 20, 2024

Violence against police in Mexico

Mexico has witnessed the murder of at least 122 police officers this year, with Guanajuato...


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