Challenges facing the Sahel: climate, conflict and overpopulation

A brief look at the three major challenges perpetuating instability in the region.

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A plan to repeal laws authorising war could curb US involvement in ongoing conflicts.

Laws authorising US military action could be overturned
Economic Value of Peace 2021

Measuring the global economic impact of violence and conflict.

ArticleBattle for resources: Ethiopian dam plans raise tensions

A dam project could lift millions of Ethiopians out of poverty, but Egypt and Sudan are worried their dependence on the Nile is threatened.

ArticleUS initiatives to restart the Afghan peace process

The deadline for troop withdrawal from Afghanistan is looming, Ian Dudgeon considers what may come of the peace process.

Reducing the threat of terrorism on a global – and local – level

What’s inside the Counterterrorism Yearbook 2021 from the Australian Strategic Policy Institute.

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