Country close-up: China on the Positive Peace Index

China rises in the world, and on the Positive Peace Index.

China has improved its Positive Peace Index score over the past decade, broadly consistent with other developing countries.

To a large extent, this improvement has reflected advances in economic, health and physical infrastructure gauges, which comprise the Structures domain of Positive Peace indicators.

China has recorded strong gains in the Sound Business Environment and the Equitable Distribution of Resources Pillars of Positive Peace.

In 2013, the Attitudes domain deteriorated markedly. It is possible that this reflects the Chinese banking and liquidity crisis, which saw an end to easy credit and had a negative impact on gold and stock markets. The indicators for the Attitudes domain on the Positive Peace Index, such as exclusion by socio-economic group and hostility to foreigners/private property, were affected the most.

There has been moderate improvement in government effectiveness and control of corruption, which led the Institutions domain to improve over the decade.

The latest Positive Peace Index ranks China at 66 out of 163 countries, showing a high level of Positive Peace.