Chart of the week: Political regimes and peace

Data from the Global Peace Index shows that changes in levels of peacefulness can vary considerably according to government type.

Over the last decade, peacefulness has deteriorated the most in countries classified as authoritarian regimes, according to the Global Peace Index.

Hybrid regimes, with a mix of democratic and authoritarian tendencies, also showed significant deteriorations in peacefulness.

Amongst countries classified as democratic, those classified as flawed democracies had an increase in peacefulness overall, while full democracies saw a decline in peacefulness of almost the same size as hybrid regimes.

This fall in peacefulness amongst full democracies started five years ago, and is reflective of growing political instability and social unrest in Western Europe and North America,

Overall, the world is considerably less peaceful now than it was in 2008, with the average level of country peacefulness deteriorating by 3.78 per cent over the last decade. Peacefulness has declined year-on-year for seven of the last ten years. Since 2008, 81 countries have become less peaceful, compared to 81 that have improved.