Positive Peace in action - 2020 update

In addition to annual reports, IEP also develops ways to activate peace. The Institute employs both real and virtual platforms to share its research and the eight Pillars of Positive Peace with a wider audience.

IEP undertakes Positive Peace Workshops across the globe in collaboration with organisations such as the Danish Refugee Council and Rotary International. These workshops bring communities together to look into the attitudes, institutions and structures essential to long lasting peace, while equipping participants with tools to enhance peace within their specific contexts.

Melton: Community members were brought together in October 2019 to look at the eight Pillars of Positive Peace, the foundations for peaceful societies. One of the most diverse communities in Victoria, the Melton workshop provided participants with ways in which they could facilitate peace within their communities. Feedback from participants was very positive. “I thought it was truly a wonderful two days. Very insightful and I feel like I can walk away with more tools under my belt

Melbourne: Undertaken in conjunction with Ivory’s Rock Foundation in November, the 2019 Melbourne workshop incorporated the foundation’s own focus on peace, in conjunction with the eight Pillars of Positive Peace developed by the Institute. Participants found that this collaboration was beneficial as it gave them a holistic view of Peace both for the self and for society.

Ontario: Rotary International partners globally with IEP and this January, hosted a World Peace Conference in Ontario, California.

In conjunction with the conference, a select new group of North American Rotary Peace Activators met for the first-of-its-kind training to learn how to harness the Positive Peace Framework in order to strengthen society. In a multi-day event, Activators worked closely together in an IEP-led workshop that launched Rotary’s global initiative. Staff and Activators also teamed up to engage service-minded teenagers around concepts of Positive Peace.

Back to School

IEP and Barcelona-based Blanquerna School of Communication and International Relations- Ramon Llull University launched a new joint education program in the second half of 2019. The master’s degree in Peace, Conflict and Security Studies contains an extensive module on Positive Peace and fuses the data analysis expertise of IEP and the academic rigour of political science studies. Students gain tools to analyse key issues in peace and conflict around the world, with skills to forge a career as practitioners or researchers in the areas of conflict analysis, arms control, international security, conflict prevention, Positive Peace, peacemaking and peacebuilding.

Ambassador Program

Virtually, the Ambassador Program brings groups of individuals from around the world into contact with IEP’s research team, their work, and the notions of Positive Peace. Conducted through a series of webinars, this program allows a far greater global audience to have access to the research and concepts developed by the Institute.

Operating since 2016 the Ambassador Program supports participants in undertaking a project or presentation related to the work of IEP in their specific context.

2019 marked one of the largest cohorts for the annual Ambassador program, with over 700 participants. These individuals join a global community who bring the research of IEP to more than 100 countries worldwide.

“I now have a better understanding on peace related issues and I feel I have a great role to play in building and sustaining peace not only in my country, but globally as well.”

Expressions of interest for the 2020 IEP Ambassador Program are now open. Don’t miss this opportunity to become part of a global community promoting peace.

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