Press release: Mexico Peace Index 2018

Peace in Mexico Plummets, Costing 21% of National GDP in 2017.

Mexico City, April 10, 2018: The level of peace in Mexico deteriorated by 11% in 2017, according to the 2018 Mexico Peace Index (MPI), published today by the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP), and based on the methodology of the Global Peace Index, the world’s leading measure of peacefulness.

• The homicide rate rose dramatically, with 29,000 victims. Mexico’s rate is now amongst the worst in the world, comparable to Colombia and double that of Uganda
• Federal government’s investment on violence reduction was only 60% of the average spending of comparable countries and falling
• Corruption and poor government performance remain the factors most closely associated with the loss of peace
• The only indicator that improved over the past year was detention without a sentence
• Improving relations between the public and the police are critical to improving peace

The report finds that the homicide rate in Mexico reached historically high levels with over 29,000 people killed. It is now comparable to Colombia, and roughly double Uganda’s rate. There are only thirteen countries with higher homicide rates than Mexico. The increase in homicides was also accompanied by a 36% rise in gun violence, with guns being used in 69% of homicides, up from 57% two years ago. The increase in violence is not only caused by organized crime but also by common criminality and interpersonal violence, with the rise in gun violence occurring across all three categories.

Disturbingly, this violence is underpinned by high levels of impunity. The Global Impunity Index ranks Mexico at 66 out of 69 countries. The number of Mexicans who consider impunity the “most worrisome” issue has nearly tripled in the last five years, increasing from 7% in 2012 to 20% in 2017. One of the key findings of the report is that Mexico invests much less than required in its security and judicial system, equivalent to just 1% of its GDP, which is only 60% of the OECD average. More alarmingly, federal government spending decreased by 7% in 2017, further widening the gap.

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