The Institute for Economics & Peace (IEP) worked with Yunus and Youth to lead a Positive Peace workshop showing budding entrepreneurs how their social business models can become peacebuilding engines that drive social change forward.

Yunus and Youth is a Business Contributing to Positive Peace

Social entrepreneurs have the potential to make the world more peaceful. Not only can social enterprises create income for marginalised communities and increase economic inclusion, they can also leverage market forces to achieve broader social objectives.

What is Yunus and Youth?

Working with fellows from Yunus and Youth, an American organisation dedicated to mentoring the next generation of social entrepreneurs, IEP highlighted the broader impact of social entrepreneurship on Positive Peace and explored ways the fellows could further integrate the concept into their business models.

Around 20 fellows from around the world met virtually to learn more about Positive Peace. During the workshop, fellows were introduced to the Positive Peace framework and then analysed their own social businesses using the eight pillars of Positive Peace.

Kasha Slavner is a filmmaker and Yunus and Youth fellow said she now better understood the ways her work is already contributing to Positive Peace,

“I found it really inspiring to hear fellow social entrepreneurs explain their social businesses through the lens of Positive Peace. Hearing their contributions helped me reflect on the opportunities to incorporate each pillar into my own work,” Slavner said.

By understanding the multiple ways their social business contributes to Positive Peace, participants gained insights that potentially strengthened their work and allowed them to embark on new ideas.

Learn more about Positive Peace with our free online short course.



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