2020 Ambassador Program - last opportunity to apply

As 2020 begins, the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) comes into its fourth year of the Ambassador program.

The Ambassador Program provides peacebuilders from around the world with concrete knowledge and resources to help foster peace within their networks and communities.

This program is a means through which IEP’s research is activated. Consisting of three webinars with researchers and figures from IEP, participants are required to utilise their learnings from the program in a peace project or presentation.

2019 saw the largest group of applicants to the program in its history. These Ambassadors came from international organisations, government, private companies, Rotary Clubs and universities.

The first webinar for the 2019 participants consisted of information about the 2019 Global Peace Index and the main findings, while in the second webinar, participants learnt about positive peace, the 8 Pillars and systems thinking.

The final webinar included explanations of the 2019 Global Terrorism Index, and the 2019 Mexico Peace Index, including discussions about methodology and key findings. Attendees of the online webinar were able to directly ask researchers questions about the Indices as well as simultaneously learn presentation skills employable in their own project or presentation.

With a growing global network of ambassadors, the program affords an opportunity for individuals active in peace building to connect with one another through online platforms and develop a greater understanding of IEP’s work.

Register your interest in the Ambassador program before March 15 2020 by clicking here.

IEP Ambassador Kate English in partnership with Aegis Trust preform a teacher training on Positive Peace at the Kigali Genocide Memorial in Rwanda, 19th January 2020.