Meet our inspiring grassroots women peace activists. The IEP Ambassador Program is creating a movement to change the way we understand peace.

Meet Three of our Female Peace Activists at IEP

The IEP Ambassador Programme is creating a paradigm-shifting movement working to change the way the world interacts with, and understand peace. Around half of the applicants for the ambassador programme are women, at 47%.

Meet a few outstanding women peace activists representing our IEP Ambassador programme. Each of them are spreading Positive Peace around the world and making a difference in their communities.

Dahlia Simangan

City: Higashi-Hiroshima City, Hiroshima, Japan

Dahlia’s strong academic expertise in peacebuilding meant she had acquired a great deal of knowledge about peace and conflict before she began the IEP Ambassador Programme.

She holds a doctorate in the peace and conflict studies and is an assistant professor at Hiroshima University in Japan.

To complete the IEP Ambassador Programme, published an academic article looking into the peace-sustainability nexus, she has strengthened the academic research in the peace field.

Lorelei Higgins

City: Calgary, Canada

With a background in in peacebuilding work reaching back to her days as a student, Lorelei came to the IEP Ambassador Programme with experience and knowledge in the field of international affairs, peace and conflict.

After taking part in the programme, she used a beauty pageant competition in Canada as a platform to talk about everyday peacebuilding and the Pillars of Positive Peace, and won!

She says her pageant win will highlight the voices of women globally who work every single day to create more peaceful communities, often without recognition or realisation of the critical role they play.

Jelena Starcevic

City: Hamilton, Canada

Jelena became interested in peace and social justice after growing up during the Balkans conflict in the 1990s. She gained degrees in law, peace and conflict and then taught negotiation and conflict resolution.

After undertaking the IEP Ambassador Programme she has used Positive Peace as a teaching tool that became especially relevant during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

She says she has seen firsthand, how the concept of Positive Peace can change attitudes of young people who will be vital in constructing a more peaceful society.

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