IEP Ambassador Feature Series - Aaron Murphy, Australia

For the first Ambassador Feature Series, IEP introduces Aaron Murphy from Canberra, Australia, who was a graduate of the 2019 IEP Ambassador Program.

Aaron Murphy is an undergraduate student at the Australian National University (ANU) studying International Relations. He is a member of the second cohort of the 2019 IEP Ambassador Program.

Aaron achieved all steps of the program, which included completing the Positive Peace Academy, participating in three webinars, taking an online assessment and creating an original project or presentation.

To approach his Ambassador project, Aaron used research from the 2019 Global Peace Index (GPI), 2019 Positive Peace Index (PPI), and his experience growing up in rural Australia to investigate peace in his home country.

Using his student network at ANU, Aaron conducted interviews to assess individuals’ understanding of peace in Australia. Interviewees discussed a range of current Australian events and how they can be approached via a Positive Peace framework.

His interviews were compiled and analysed in a report entitled, Peaces to the Problem. Given Australia’s high ranking in both the GPI and PPI, Aaron wanted to listen to individual perspectives of peace in the country.

“[…] Australians saw that peace was growing in Australia, but feared our leaders globally and at home are not doing enough for us to achieve peace. By achieving [Positive Peace] in Australia, we could become a stronger builder for peace globally, […] especially in the tumultuous times we are facing”

Some of Aaron’s fellow ANU students discuss and answer the interview questions for his Ambassador Project.

To Aaron, the Ambassadors Program offers knowledge that individuals might not otherwise have. The program aids participants with tools to undertake peace projects considered new, revolutionary and beneficial for the world and national societies. As a participant, Aaron found the most value by taking the online Positive Peace Academy.

“As much as the entire project is meaningful for so many reasons, I believe the academy is. This is an online course that anyone, ambassador or not, can access. They can learn the benefits of Positive Peace and the benefits this can have globally. This is free and easily accessed, and is so meaningful especially for those who can’t always [travel to large cities]; this is crucial for them to learn and get involved” 

The free online peace course provides insight into Positive Peace and can be accessed at any time, anywhere in the world. Aaron aspires to enter the field of international affairs and continue his understanding of how peace develops around the world.