An analysis that maps out community led (micro) as well as the global response (macro) to COVID-19 against the eight Pillars of Positive Peace.

COVID-19 Global Response: Positive Peace Pillar Mapping

Macro-Level Global Response Initiatives

Global and nation-level COVID-19 measures to activate Positive Peace

Equitable Distribution of Resources
• The private health care system prepares it facilitates for public patients
• Social security payments to support unemployed, people experiencing rent stress and supporting failing business

Free Flow of Information
• Increase information flow allowing for triangulation of data
• Frequent and accurate public announcements

Good Relations with Neighbours
• Inter-country resourcing sharing particularly PPE, drugs and medical equipment
• Inter-country knowledge transfer of data, analysis, research and technology
• Images are projected across the world of balcony communities forming in Italy during enforced lockdowns. Communities adopt new ways to remain connected.

High Levels of Human Capital
• Wide scale campaigns to lift hygiene practices
• Industry shifts
• Manufactures and engineers being repurposed for hospital equipment and medical supplies
• Upskilling of medical and allied health professionals

Well-Functioning Government
• Economic survival packages to keep economy afloat
• International Travel Bans
• New and amended policies enacted to flatten infection curve
• Starts redirecting industry to manufacture essential medical equipment
• Starts locking down non-essential activity to flatten the curve

Sound Business Environment
• Businesses adopt flexible work arrangements (work from home) to remain viable
• Businesses stretched as more people stay indoors

Low Levels of Corruption
• Provides the trust between citizen and state required for societal stresses not to escalate.
• State and Federal governments flow information to citizens to remain accountable and transparent

Acceptance of the Rights of Others
• Systemic limiting of rights, lock downs, bans on gathering, isolation in order to minimise infections and deaths
• Governments undertake to repatriate stranded international travellers
• Considerations for homeless, victims of domestic violence, prisoners

Micro-Level Response Initiatives

Community-level COVID-19 measures to activate Positive Peace and ensure social cohesion

Well-Functioning Government
• Individuals budget for survival with reduced resources
• Work-place/Apartment complex policy
• Infrastructure closure, libraries, skate parks, playgrounds
• Boards of Governance planning responses and recovery
• Community elders/leaders demonstrating leadership in response phase

Sound Business Environment
• Individuals retain productivity while adopting flexible working arrangements
• Individuals find ways to support local business such as home delivery

Low Levels of Corruption
• Individuals sharing across families, extended families and communities .
• Individuals set aside personal gain to support employees

Acceptance of the Rights of Others
• Individuals accept the rights of others in communal areas through social distancing
• Individuals balance their personal fears and needs with carer and community responsibilities. (Nurses, teachers, parents, police, aids)
• Families care for isolated and vulnerable elderly parents

Equitable Distribution of Resources
• Supermarkets/Markets rationing purchases to safe guard against hording
• Special trading provisions for older citizen and people living with disabilities

Free Flow of Information
• New ways to communicate, Zoom , Messenger, WhatsApp
• Neighbours finding inventive ways to stay connected

Good Relations with Neighbours
• Community organising to support more vulnerable community member
• More open and understanding interpersonal communications
• We are all in this together’ and like campaigns fostering community cohesion

High Levels of Human Capital
• People adopt improved hygiene practices
• Individuals adapt to new work routines and adopt new technologies