Ambassadors programme for peace reaches record high participation

More people are joining the paradigm shifting movement working to change the way the world interacts with, and understands peace.

More people than ever are flocking to a free peace programme provided by the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP).

Since its launch in 2016, participation in the IEP Ambassadors Programme has increased fourfold, reaching a record high level of applications this year.

People from around the world have signed up for the programme that provides individuals an opportunity to gain concrete knowledge and resources to foster peace in their communities.

Participants receive an in-depth understanding of IEP’s research and methodology, as well as an understanding of how to communicate peace research.

IEP provides its data and research, which is often adapted by ambassadors who draw on their varied regional, cultural and professional interests.

The programme is cost free, flexible and can be accessed online from anywhere in the world.

IEP welcomes people with extensive experience in peace, as well as those who are newer to the field.

By connecting with other peacemakers and other professionals around the world, ambassadors become a part of an international network of leaders who are creating a paradigm shift in the way the world interacts with, and understands peace.

The programme has already kicked-off with a series of webinars about IEP’s research, which presents some of the most comprehensive, data-driven analyses within the field of peace and conflict prevention and resolution to-date.

Ambassadors will then put their knowledge to use by organising a presentation or creative project for their network or community, such as hosting a workshop, creating a short video, or writing a blog post or op-ed.

Are you interested in becoming an ambassador for peace? You can express your interest in the next intake of the program.

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