Leading Rotary peace builders gathered to plan the future of peacebuilding at the Rotary Positive Peace Activators Leadership Summit in Nagarkot in Nepal.

There are currently 202 Rotary Positive Peace Activators with cohorts in North America, Latin America, Asia, Europe, East Africa, West Africa and Central Africa.

The Rotary Positive Peace Activators have so far logged 847 educational actions, equating to 10,679 hours of service – via trainings, presentations, radio interviews, writing, and project work – reaching 12.9 million people.

The 45 selected participants for the October summit in Nepal were the most active Rotary Positive Peace Activators, selected because of the leadership they have demonstrated in helping to deliver these actions.

What is a Rotary Positive Peace Activator?

Are they Rotary members?

Are the Rotary Peace Fellows?

Are they IEP Ambassadors?

Are they members of the Rotarian Action Group for Peace?

They could be one of these things, they could be some of these things or they could well be all these things. Rotary Positive Peace Activators are a group of peacebuilders who are committed to peacebuilding through the structures and resources of Rotary.

Rotary Positive Peace Activators Leadership Summit, Nepal

At the Nepal summit they planned how Rotary, supported by the Rotary Positive Peace Activators, can grow the number and impact of Positive Peace. The activators understand Rotary works best at the at the local level and understand this is where peacebuilding happens; in communities supported by motivated people such as Rotarians.

In Nepal the activators planned realistic and achievable actions. The objective of these actions is to:

  • Increase the Activators understanding of Rotary structures and funding, particularly Global Grants
  • Develop and execute Positive Peace projects using Global and District grants with IEP as a service provider
  • Grow and strengthen the regional activators cohorts
  • Share experience as a global community of peacebuilders delivering Positive Peace trainings and projects

The Region cohorts of Rotary Positive Peace Activators left the summit with actionable plans which are now being put into action. For example, the Asia cohort have planned the ‘Positive Peace Activators Recommitment Meet’ for 21-23 March 2024. The Asia activators have been very busy over the past two years and are coming to the end of their Activator commitment.

This ‘Recommitment Meet’ is just that, recommitting to continue as a Rotary Positive Peace Activators, further training with the assistance of IEP and organising around further projects.

Asia Activators have ‘logged’ many projects and training in their first two years and this is about growing the momentum. IEP’s training at this ‘Recommitment meet’ will update the Activators on the latest IEP research and Positive Peace practice.

Rotary are delighted with the outcome of the Rotary Positive Peace Activators programme as it continues to grow Rotary’s peace building capacity. Rotary continues to support the expansion of the Rotary Positive Peace Activators program with the Oceania Rotary Positive Peace Activators programs planned for 17-19 May 2024 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Also planned for 2024 is the MENA cohort of the Rotary Positive Peace Activators Program.

If you are a Rotary member wanting to undertake a Positive Peace project either in your community or another community, we encourage you to connect with a Rotary Positive Peace Activator in your region.

Rotary-IEP Partnership

Launched in 2017, the Rotary-Institute for Economics & Peace (IEP) Partnership is one of Rotary’s strategic partnerships. Rotary’s key strength is the ability to convene and mobilize locally – Rotary members are experts at this. IEPs key strength is its decade long data driven peace research, which is being used to teach Rotary members to apply new peacebuilding methods to their communities while addressing underlying causes of conflicts. Rotary Positive Peace Activator is the core training program of the Rotary-IEP Partnership.



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Charlie Allen

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