Ecological Threat Register

The inaugural edition of the Ecological Threat Register (ETR) covers 157 countries. Using the most comprehensive ecological data available, the report spotlights countries least likely to cope with extreme ecological shocks, now and into the future.

Key Findings in 2020

Over one billion people live in 31 countries where the country’s resilience is unlikely to sufficiently withstand the impact of ecological events by 2050, contributing to mass population displacement.

The 19 countries with the highest number of ecological threats are among the world’s 40 least peaceful countries including Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Chad, India and Pakistan.

By 2040, a total of 5.4 billion people – more than half of the world’s projected population – will live in the 59 countries experiencing high or extreme water stress, including India and China.

Five billion people could suffer from food insecurity by 2050; which is an increase of 1.5 billion people from today.

The lack of resilience in countries covered in the ETR will lead to worsening food insecurity and competition over resources, increasing civil unrest and mass displacement, exposing developed countries to increased influxes of refugees.

Read the full article: “Countries Facing the Highest Number of Ecological Threats are Among the World’s Least Peaceful Countries”.

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