Sustainable Development Goal 16 Progress Report

Join us as we celebrate Peace Day with the launch of this Goal 16 progress report, ensuring that Goal 16 is measured and that concrete steps are taken towards its achievement.

Last year, we celebrated the success of peace organisations worldwide in securing the inclusion of Goal 16 – the Peace Goal – in the SDG framework. It was an important recognition that peace is essential for development, as much as development is essential to peace. However, having a goal is only the first step. We need to ensure that Goal 16 is measured, and that concrete steps are taken towards its achievement all the while holding Governments to account.

There’s no better time to discuss Goal 16 than than on the International Day of Peace. That is why we are launching the Sustainable Development Goal 16: Progress Report tomorrow, with launch events being held all over the world. The report presents a detailed analysis of available data to measure the goal and its targets. It also measures progress achieved to date, country by country. Findings highlight the major challenges facing Goal 16, including methodological issues, political challenges, as well as practical implementation issues around data collection and statistical capacity that if not addressed may undermine the achievement of the goal.

Join us as we celebrate Peace Day with the launch of this report. Help us raise awareness of Goal 16! Download the report, or visit our media pack to discover various assets that can be shared on social media platforms.

Download the full report here.
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