Peace By Chocolate and the Institute for Economics & Peace have announced a strategic partnership which aims to build peacefulness in some of the world’s most conflict-torn nations.
Over the next two years, the partnership will provide municipal, grass-roots and business leaders, as well as future leaders from prioritized countries with the training and tools they need to foster peace and create meaningful change, locally and at their national level.
“Without peace we cannot go to school, we cannot go to work, we cannot become the best version of who we dream to be. Without peace, life is merely survived.” said Founder and CEO of Peace by Chocolate, Tareq Hadhad.
For almost 30 years, the Hadhad family ran a successful chocolate business, creating and shipping their treats across the Middle East and Europe. In 2012, their chocolate factory in Damascus, Syria was sadly destroyed in a bombing raid that forced the family to leave their lives behind and flee to Lebanon.
In Lebanon, they spent three years as refugees with little opportunity or hope for the future. In 2015, an invite to Canada altered the course of their lives, and with the support of the new community they found themselves in, they rebuilt their chocolate company and are once again doing the very work they love.
The collaboration will leverage key strengths from both organisations, including Peace by Chocolate’s personal experience of conflict, its dedicated staff, its network of key implementing partners and its experience supporting climate, refugee, mental health and ethical business programming locally and around the world. IEP’s data-driven research, networks, global reach and training expertise will complement this, enabling the rapid and effective delivery of peace education and capacity building activities in partnership with local leaders and key civil society organisations working on the ground.
“The partnership with Peace by Chocolate will allow us to provide community and municipal leaders, many of them in conflict-affected nations, the transformational tools needed to build peace in their societies.” said Steve Killelea, Founder & Executive Chairman, IEP.
Peace by Chocolate and IEP will jointly release the first country of intervention in the coming weeks and welcome broader participation and support for this important partnership that will strengthen over time.
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