IEP Joins Magha Puja Day Light of Peace Ceremony in Thailand

The 8th February 2020 marked Magha Puja Day. It is one of the most important Buddhist holy days in Thailand. Every temple across the country holds ceremonies to celebrate the occasion.

The ceremony at Wat Phra Dhammakaya (Dhammakaya Temple) is one of the largest held in Thailand, called ‘Light of Peace’. Over 100,000 lanterns are lit by the monks and all participants as the sun sets.

The Global Peace Forum for Sustainability, which fell on Magha Puja day and the 50th Anniversary of the Dhammakaya Temple, centred on the role of the Dhammakaya Temple for Establishing Sustainable Peace.

Aspirations of the Dhammakaya Foundation include providing sanctuary to facilitate meditation teachings, hold Buddhist events, and host international gatherings such as the ‘Light of Peace’ ceremony.

Institute for Economics and Peace participation and collaboration at The Global Peace Forum for Sustainability fostered discussion on the intersection between inner peace and Positive Peace, therefore expanding the context where the eight Pillars of Positive Peace can be applied.

Steve Killelea, founder of IEP, delivered a keynote address at the event, hosted in the Pathumthani district in Bangkok, Thailand. His address informed the Dhammakaya Foundation and affiliates on the work of IEP and its contributions to promote sustainable world peace.

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From left to right: Charles Allen, IEP Director of Partnerships, Deborah Killelea, Becentre Founder, Steve Killelea, IEP Founder and Patricia Garcia, IEP Ambassador coordinator.