IEP and Rotary Launch Positive Peace Workshop in Mexico

The programmes will train youth to build on Mexico’s high potential for Positive Peace.

After the success of the inaugural Positive Peace workshops in Mexico in 2017, the Institute for Economics & Peace (IEP) and partner, Rotary International, are returning.

This week, a second national workshop series launches in Hidalgo, a town two hours north of Mexico City.

The new edition of the programme ‘Building Momentum in Mexico: Strengthening the Pillars of Positive Peace’ will provide deeper knowledge and skills required to make change within the local system to create and sustain a systemic peace.

Around 150 participants returning from the previous workshops will also have the opportunity to strengthen alliances and forge networks with fellow peace practitioners.

The programme focuses on practical and measurable investments in peace that can be implemented locally and foster resilient communities that are better able to manage conflict.

Participants will be equipped to carry out local action projects tackling issues of conflict dynamics, based on one of more of IEP’s eight pillars of Positive Peace.

Mexico is ranked 140 out of 163 countries in the 2018 Global Peace Index (GPI), making it the least peaceful country in the Central American and Caribbean region.

Despite worsening homicide rates, high levels of organised crime, gun violence and corruption, a firm foundation of Positive Peace has been established in Mexico, which provides a hopeful path forward.

In 2017, IEP’s Positive Peace Index (PPI) showed that Mexico ranked 59 out of 163 countries, with an overall score better than both the global and the Central America and Caribbean regional averages.

When a country ranks higher in the PPI than in the GPI, it is said to have a “Positive Peace surplus”, indicating that Mexico has the potential to improve its levels of peacefulness.

Mexico has the second highest potential for improvement in peace in the world.

After the success of the 2017 workshop, participants left feeling better equipped with knowledge and skills to apply in their work, with 97 per cent of the group indicating interest in further training.

Relationships forged at the previous training sessions led to further collaboration between a core group of program participants who have gone on to work on projects together.

A number of other participants also shared the knowledge gained at the 2017 workshop by presenting Positive Peace lessons at their own Rotaract Club or university.

This year’s four-part Positive Peace workshop series will build on the previous training, taking place in Hidalgo and Mexico City from March until October this year. The program is supported by the American Rotary Club of Chattanoonga Hamilton Place District 6780 and local Mexican Rotary District 4170.