For the third Ambassador Feature Series, IEP introduces Yazan Rislan Orabi from Damascus, Syria, who completed the Ambassador Program in 2019 as part of the second cohort.

Yazan Rislan Orabi Teaches Peace Building to Youth in Syria

As a volunteer for youth groups in Syria, Yazan Rislan Orabi used knowledge gained from the IEP Ambassadors Program to teach peacebuilding techniques to primary, secondary, and university students.

Yazan Rislan Orabi is a volunteer worker with Junior Chamber International Syria and contributes work in development projects and peace-education sessions for youth. He is a participant of the 2019 Ambassadors Program’s second cohort.

Why Yazan became an IEP Ambassador

Yazan became an IEP Ambassador to expand his understanding of Positive Peace and join a global network of peacemakers and learn about their experiences and work. What he found most valuable was the free and insightful information provided by the online Positive Peace Academy.

For his project, Yazan conducted several presentations on IEP’s research within his community, including students, local activists, and members of volunteer teams.

“I started my project by offering ‘awareness sessions’ for youth groups [surrounding] the concepts of negative and positive peace, [as well as] how to work collectively to reduce the effects of violence and be a major part of the peacebuilding process”

Through his workshops, Yazan aimed to spark youth interest in peace and inspire individuals to make contributions towards a peaceful society; the results of this included creating plans to carry out development projects that use a Positive Peace framework to reduce youth violence.

Looking to the future, Yazan intends to continue exploring the role of the youth in peacemaking and plans to organize projects surrounding economic empowerment.

“[My vision is to] spread awareness about gender equality and accepting the rights of others in a manner that guarantees an appropriate environment for positive peace