How to build peace: Free platform with new development tools

Anyone can access the expertise of the world’s leading independent think tank dedicated to measuring peace and its economic value.

Global think tank the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) has launched its new Positive Peace Academy.

The online short course encourages participants to pursue peace with tangible methods including the Positive Peace framework — an eight-part model for societal development based on IEP’s extensive data analysis.

Darren Lewis, Director of Global Communications at IEP said the platform is free and available to anyone interested in building peace in a variety of settings.

“Simply log-on to the Internet, take the short course and learn from IEP’s years of expertise in peace data analysis,” Mr Lewis said.

“Participants will immediately become part of a global community taking action to build peace in their local areas, cities and nations.

“The course content is flexible and relevant for grassroots community change-makers, official decision-makers, peace practitioners and negotiators or anyone keen to know more about IEP’s data-based approach to fostering a more peaceful world.

“IEP is dedicated to generating a robust evidence base to better understand peace. The organisation firmly believes that peace is the essential prerequisite for addressing the biggest challenges facing humanity in the 21st century.”

The short course, officially launched after beta phase testing, provides real-world tools to students through the eight pillars of the Positive Peace model, a framework that can be developed to address a range of social challenges.

Participants can easily access the web-based education platform from anywhere in the world to learn the basic concepts of peace and conflict studies, how IEP measures peace, and how the institute uses data analysis expertise to devise its practical framework.

The online Positive Peace Academy is offered to all at no cost, but for participants seeking formal certification after completing the course, a US$50 fee will apply. The purchase of the certificate will assist course participants in furthering their career and support the work of IEP.

Positive Peace, defined as the attitudes, institutions and structures that sustain peaceful societies, offers a new way to achieve sustainable development, violence reduction, and resilience.

Based on IEP’s empirical expertise and years of statistical analysis of thousands of datasets, the Positive Peace framework consisting of eight pillars, focusses on what works and emphasises factors that create thriving societies.

An independent, non-profit research institute, IEP is the world’s leading think tank dedicated to developing metrics to analyse peace and to quantify its economic value.

Known for its internationally respected global and national indices, each year IEP issues the Global Peace Index, the Global Terrorism Index, and the Positive Peace Index. The think tank also calculates the economic cost of violence, analyses country level risk and the development Positive Peace around the world.

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