Strategic Solutions to Positive Peace Initiatives

Second edition of the discussion on strategic solutions to Positive Peace implementation and development of initiatives.

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Strategic Solutions to Positive Peace Initiatives 2nd edition

  • Hosted by

    IEP Brussels (Europe and MENA Region)

  • Location


  • Date

    May 19, 2022

  • Time

    17:00 CEST

As part of IEPs commitment to supporting IEP Ambassadors and Rotary Peace Activators in their current and future Positive Peace Initiatives, the upcoming event will have a case study analysis of some factors and situations to consider when designing and implementing Positive Peace initiatives.

Considering the discussions held on previous IEP Ambassadors events, a set of case studies have been created to fit the context of the Europe and MENA region in order to find possible strategic solutions. In this second editions, the cases will be built around how to develop partnerships and the application of Positive Peace to diverse target groups.

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