Rotary Club Lebanon International - Positive Peace Presentation

Join IEP and the Rotary Club of Lebanon International for a conversation with Lebanese Rotarians about Positive Peace and its practical application in community projects using case studies from past successes with Rotary Clubs.


Rotary Club Lebanon International – Positive Peace Presentation

  • Hosted by

    Rotary Club Lebanon International

  • Location


  • Date

    17 Feb 2023

  • Time

    6:00 PM (CET)

The Rotary Club Lebanon International is a club that was founded to enable the Lebanese Diaspora in different parts of the world to support Lebanon, using their skills and networks in their respective countries of residence.

The main aim of this interactive seminar is to introduce Positive Peace to the Lebanese Rotarians and show them how it could be practically applied in community projects.

IEP’s Positive Peace workshops aim to provide participants with a thorough understanding of the Pillars of Positive Peace and empower them to go back to their communities as agents of change.

IEP Serge Stroobants will present the Positive Peace framework and share the examples or case studies of real-life applications of Positive Peace that took place with and through Rotary Clubs worldwide with a special focus on projects led in the Middle East.


  • Mr Maroun Najjar
  • Mr Georges Azar
  • Ms Mona Jaroudi
  • Mr Serge Stroobants
  • Ms Maya Assaf-Horstmeier
  • Moderator: Ms Tina El Boustany