Peace in the Age of Chaos

The much-anticipated book by renowned businessman, global philanthropist and peacebuilder Steve Killelea offers a new and accessible understanding of peace: one that is measurable, resilient and above all, achievable in a time of chaos.

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Why "Peace in the Age of Chaos" is a Must Read

Humanity has been studying peace since the 7th century, yet the world is less peaceful now than even 10 years ago. What has happened? Why is the world becoming more chaotic, not less?

From the winner of the Luxembourg Peace Prize and Founder of the world-renowned think tank, the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP), comes a ground-breaking new look at the factors that create highly peaceful societies – and how we can sustain them at a time of unprecedented environmental, social, economic and technological change.

Peace in The Age of Chaos eloquently guides readers to question the current analysis of peace as an absence of violence and to honestly evaluate and decipher the inner working of a peaceful society.

Through thought-provoking anecdotes, readers are treated to the extraordinary life events that have shaped Killelea’s philanthropic focus on peace and sustainability.

From establishing the world’s leading ranking of global peacefulness, the Global Peace Index, to working on aid programmes in some of the most violent places on earth, Killelea’s life journey has led him to ask, and in turn answer, the fundamental question: ‘What creates peace – how do we measure it and why do we need it?’  

“Convincingly he unveils the data proving that Positive Peace is associated with many social characteristics that are considered desirable” — Lord Browne of Ladyton, UK House of Lords

While most books about peace pursue a moral approach, Killelea breaks the mould by spotlighting peace as the intersection between a person and their society.

Narrated in captivating first-person account, Killelea encourages readers to rethink peace, and how we can achieve it through Positive Peace – an eight-pillar model embracing the attitudes, institutions, and structures required to create and sustain peaceful societies.

Importantly, “the factors that create peace also create the conditions for many other things we think are important, for example, higher per capita income, better measures of happiness and wellbeing, better ecological performance and higher levels of inclusion to name a few,” says Killelea.

Over the course of the book, he skilfully unpacks the pursuit of peace through various perspectives – from business and politics to religion and culture – to show us a way forward, where the combination of Positive Peace and systems thinking provide a proven framework to create the optimal environment for all human potential to flourish.

“Steve Killelea is my hero because he has made it his business to focus international attention on what peace actually means. He gets across to policy-makers and the press like no-one else.” — Dr. Scilla Elsworthy, Peacebuilder 

Whether it’s through the lens of a successful self-made entrepreneur, a local farmer in Kenya, or a woman fleeing for her life in the lawless lands of Southern Sudan, Killelea’s journey to discover peace always centres on the human experience.

Featuring 14 charts and diagrams, Peace in the Age of Chaos provides intelligent insight that will inspire and resonate with readers from all walks of life.

Peace in the Age of Chaos by Steve Killelea, is published by Hardie Grant and is available for purchase now at peaceintheageofchaos.org or at Amazon.com and all other major book retailers.

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