Global change begins small; the actions of just one person can have a profound impact on the many.

At Vision of Humanity and the Institute for Economics & Peace we are dedicated to strengthening social systems – in community, in business, in society – building into long term, sustainable peace. We’ve been joined on the journey by a community of millions who believe in a world where everybody has an equal opportunity to thrive. Β 

Harnessing the essence of Positive Peace is more than just envisioning a world without conflict; it’s about actively shaping our future through conscious actions. From fostering a transparent government and promoting ethical business practices, to championing the rights of all and ensuring equitable resource distribution, every step we take echoes across our communities – and the world at large. As we immerse ourselves in these actions, we don’t merely dream of a harmonious tomorrow β€” we create it. So let’s roll up our sleeves and embark on this transformative journey of Positive Peace.

Today on Peace Day, you can take your first steps into contributing to a more peaceful and equitable society – here are some suggestions to get you started, but feel free to come up with your own ideas and strategies.

Well-functioning Government

Stay informed about current affairs
Attend local government meetings
Create a community “suggestion box”

Sound Business Environment

Support local businesses
Adhere to ethical and responsible practices.
Join industry associations and groups.

High Levels of Human Capital

Mentor or tutor individuals
Support the education of others.
Volunteer for community initiatives

Acceptance of the Rights of Others

Follow diverse thought leaders
Educate your friends and family on equal rights
Be respectful of others’ opinions

Free Flow of Information

Start a podcast or radio show
Be respectful online
Subscribe to trustworthy news outlets

Good Relations with Neighbours

Organise a community clean-up day
Attend and support cultural events
Explore new cities and regions

Low Levels of Corruption

Report corruption
Join a wiki edit-a-thon
Advocate for open data

Equitable Distribution of Resources

Start community gardens
Create a community library
Organise skill-sharing

Other actions you can take

Join a movement of changemakers: Deepen your knowledge of Positive Peace and put into action initiatives that further build peaceful and harmonious communities by becoming an IEP Peace Ambassador.

Apply to become an Ambassador β†’

Empower yourself and make a meaningful difference: Acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to start your journey to becoming a peacebuilding professional.

Sign up for the Academy β†’

Get to know our research: Gain deeper knowledge of Positive Peace and IEP’s data-driven research.Β 

Discover our research β†’


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