Global Terrorism Index 2023

Terrorist attacks more deadly, despite decline in the West

The tenth annual edition of the Global Terrorism Index (GTI) reveals attacks are more deadly with 26% more people dying in each incident - the first rise in lethality in five years.

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Global Terrorism Index 2023: Measuring the impact of terrorism.

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EditorialSomalia’s Twin Challenges: How al-Shabaab uses climate shocks to take advantage

Somalia is confronted with the pressing challenge of ensuring food security amidst constant threat of terrorist attacks.

TerrorismGlobal Terrorism Index 2023: Key findings in 5 Charts
Global Terrorism Index
March 16, 2023

Global Terrorism Index 2023: Key findings in 5 Charts

A brief look at some of the key findings in the latest Global Terrorism Index 2023 report from the Institute for Economics and Peace.

ResearchRoad safety and driving during the pandemic
February 28, 2023

Road safety and driving during the pandemic

Road related accidents was the most cited threat to safety in people’s daily lives. We analyse the changes in road safety & the impact of COVID19...

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