November 10, 2021

Join Prof. Jeffrey Sachs & IEP Founder and Executive Chairman Steve Killelea in Conversation

This discussion is part of the ongoing series discussing Steve Killelea's debut book, Peace in the Age of Chaos.

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Prof. Jeffrey Sachs & Steve Killelea in Conversation

  • Hosted by

    Journalists and Writers Foundation in partnership with the Institute for Economics & Peace and Affinity Intercultural Foundation

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  • Date

    November 10, 2021

  • Time

    11:00 AM – 12:00 PM EST

The Journalists and Writers Foundation, in partnership with the Institute for Economic and Peace and Affinity Intercultural Foundation, are proud to present a virtual book discussion between Prof. Jeffrey Sachs and IEP Founder and Executive Chairman, Steve Killelea, to discuss his latest book exploring “the best solution for a sustainable future”.

In “Peace in the Age of Chaos”, Steve Killelea discusses the urgent call for global solutions to global challenges varying from deadly pandemics, access to clean water, biodiversity to overpopulation and increasing social discontent. As the founder of the Global Peace Index, Killelea emphasises that, “Without peace, it will not be possible to achieve the levels of trust, cooperation or inclusiveness necessary to solve these challenges.”

In this virtual event, the two world-renowned sustainable development experts will lead a discussion on the dimensions of Positive Peace and the transformational environment that it creates to flourish multidimensional concepts of societal change.

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