This chart shows per capita violence containment spending by region. Violence Containment is one of three domains within the Institute for Economics & Peace model measuring the economic cost of violence. Violence Containment includes military, private security and internal security expenditure, the purchases of small arms as well as the losses from incarceration.

Regionally, the per person expenditure on Violence Containment is highest in the Middle East North Africa, Europe and North America. Europe and North America, the two most peaceful regions, spend the most on Violence Containment per person. At $3,501 per person, North America far exceeds the per capita spend on Violence Containment expenditure than any other region. Central America and the Caribbean, South Asia, and sub-Saharan Africa have the lowest per capita expenditure. On average, countries in sub-Saharan Africa spend 13 times less on violence containment than MENA. At over 15 per cent of GDP, North Korea, Afghanistan and Iraq had the highest cost of Violence Containment.