Ongoing Conflict had the largest deterioration of any domain on the 2020 Global Peace Index, deteriorating by 6.8 per cent between 2008 and 2020. Five of the six Ongoing Conflict indicators deteriorated, with only deaths from external conflict recording an improvement. In total, 80 countries recorded a deterioration on this domain, with 61 recording an improvement since 2008. This chart shows the trend for three key conflict indicators: the total number of battle deaths, total number of conflicts, and the average score on the intensity of internal conflict indicator.

While the number of deaths from conflict has been declining since 2015, the total number of conflicts has continued to rise, from 104 in 2008 to 160 in 2018. This includes state-based violence, non-state violence (conflict between two armed groups within a country, neither of which is a state), and one-sided violence (the organised use of armed force by the state against civilians, excluding extra-judicial killings). While the number of one-sided conflicts remained relatively constant, both state-based and non-state conflicts increased significantly. State-based conflicts rose from 38 to 52, while non-state violent conflicts increased over 100 per cent, rising from 36 in 2008 to 76 in 2018.



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