Hypersonic missiles: A new arms race?

Escalating global tensions, competition and national pride is fuelling the pursuit of hypersonic missiles. Recent defence spending patterns appear to show that a new arms race is developing over this technology.

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Analysing Ecological Threats, Resilience & Peace.

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AnalysisAnalysing Peace and environmental sustainability nexus

Peace and environmental sustainability — two lofty but vital goals for all countries — are known to be intrinsically related, according to Dahlia...

Positive Peace‘One team, one country’ – the importance of timing

The 1995 World Cup final pitted South Africa against New Zealand in a stadium packed to capacity. Five minutes before the kick-off Mandela appeared...

Positive PeaceFootball as a tool for Peace: How Les Éléphants Inspired a Nation

In systems, timing is everything. There are moments where small actions can shift an entire system into a new state. These moments are called tipping...


World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates

December 12 2022 | Summit

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