Can Goal 16 Be Measured?

n this year’s Global Peace Index, increased armed conflict, terrorism and the refugee crisis lead to a less peaceful world and a widening gap between peaceful and less peaceful nations. But there are opportunities to take action, and to drive change.

Last year, United Nations member states adopted the Sustainable Development Goals. These include Goal 16, which gives the international community a goal that focuses on peaceful, just, and inclusive societies. This is good news; for the first time, member states have formally recognised the critical nature of peacefulness in advancing global development. 

However, Goal 16 is just the beginning and there is much work to be done. Today it is possible to partially track progress towards Goal 16. But until countries investment in the measurement of all indicators, the effectiveness of Goal 16 will be limited. Without measurement, we cannot push for action. 

IEP’s Goal 16 report concludes that while it is possible to measure the Goal 16 indicators, until countries engage in measuring all indicators (rather than measuring partial or irrelevant data) any measurement of Goal 16 will be severely limited. Goal 16 is, and should be, measurable, accountable, and achievable.

The key findings of the report include:

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