2016 GPI Ambassador Program - Roundup

The goal of the program is to share knowledge about the drivers of peacefulness and generate dialogue and debate about the state of peace across the globe. Each of our GPI Ambassadors has engaged their local community, Rotary Club, and networks providing them with the latest results and findings from the GPI analysis. We warmly congratulate our team of ambassadors for providing the necessary platforms for this knowledge to be shared and look forward to hearing about your upcoming activities in the months ahead.

Ambassadors have engaged in a variety of initiatives, from making presentations to writing blogs to hosting workshops.

• Luish Aind has delivered four presentations on the 2016 GPI Global Terrorism Index in India. The presentations were of great success and harboured an attendance of over fifty people, including police officers of Nagaland State Police and local Rotarians.

 Italian ambassador Silvia Fontana's article on the 2016 GPI was published in ‘Cooperazione Italiana Informa’ the news bulletin of the Italian Development Cooperation Agency (click here to read more). Silvia was interviewed for an article focused on the cost of conflict published on Vita.it, a daily news website dedicated to the non-profit world, available here. She will also be presenting the 2016 GPI to the Fellows of the Jaques Maritain Institute in Rome and to the ‘Asvi social change’ students over the coming months.

• Rob Sijstermans of the Clingendael Institute organized an interactive discussion on 23 June 2016 in The Hague, exploring the challenges and opportunities of measuring peace through indexes. The discussion centered around three indexes; the GPI, the Flourishing Community Index by Cordaid and the Fragile States Index by The Fund for Peace, outlining the motivations behind their development, difficulties in the process and what these indexes have to offer to policy-making and program development in the field. Click here to learn more. Subsequently, Rob wrote a couple of blogs on the importance of indices and on the need to improve data collection. Click here and here to read Rob’s articles on the cost of conflict.

• Ian Saini - Ian's press release on the 2016 GPI was published in the Daily Times Newspaper in Malawi.

• Jerome Sena presented at the Regency Rotary Club during the club's weekly luncheon meeting held at the Dutch Burgher Union, Colombo. He also presented at his office, Transparency International, which mainly focuses on the right to information and anti-corruption. ‚Äč

• Izabela Pereira Watts was nominated keynote speaker for the UN Youth Northern Territory Conference 2016 'Opening Young Eyes to the World' in Australia in April.

• Christie Nicoson has delivered three presentations in various Rotary Clubs in Guam.

• Jacob Kurtzer’s presentation was featured on The Ramble blog page in Johannesburg. Read Jacob’s feature here.

• Saeed Ahmed Rid presented the 2016 GPI at the Rotary Club Khairpur’s event in Sindh Pakistan. The presentation was well received and was attended by local Rotarians, researchers and students from Khairpur.

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